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Kim & Jimbo Cary
784 Browns Hollow Lane
Roseland, VA 22967


Award-winning musicians Kim and Jimbo Cary have been performing together professionally for over 25 years. These multi- instrumentalists play banjo, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, string bass, balafon, African drums, jawharp, and saxophones. They have reached over 200,000 children and adults through performances at schools, libraries, festivals, and museums across Virginia. They have performed at the White House Easter event, the Kennedy Center Open House, and in over 150 schools across the state. They wish to share their love of music with the next generation by inspiring and engaging students in creative thinking and musical teamwork.

Educational Background/Training

Tennessee Wesleyan College, University of Massachusetts

Kim & Jimbo continue to study with master musicians from Mali and Guinea in West Africa, along with Appalachian old-time masters.


• assembly program (1)   $650.
• assembly program (2)   $950.
• 2 day residency $1900.  (for 2 artists)
• 5 day residency $4000.  (for 2 artists)




throughout the year

Educational Programs

Discover connections between music, culture and history during this interactive, hands-on experience of world music and instruments. This residency is an opportunity for students to learn about the music of many cultures, how to make homemade instruments from simple materials, and a hands-on experience of rhythmic accompaniment to several different playing styles from around the world. The goal is to inspire students to appreciate music, gain confidence in playing music with others, and inspire students to create their own musical compositions.

Each residency may include the following:

assembly programs / concerts: choose from Rhythms Round Virginia or Rhythms Round the World. Students from the residency may perform along with Kim & Jimbo during the performance. Further information is available at

interactive workshops: each class in the school has an opportunity to play along with Kim & Jimbo using gourds, bones, tambourines, washboards, bells, and hand drums.

create your own music: older students have an opportunity to form a band and create and perform their own compositions for each other. Students learn skills and techniques such as call and response, dynamics, improvisation, and weaving a tapestry of sound with the embroidery technique.
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