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Kevin LaMarr Jones, Artistic Director
109 W. 15th Street
Richmond, Virginia 23224

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Phone: 804-334-8136
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CLAVES UNIDOS, translated United Rhythms, is a collective of artists that celebrates the unique ability of dance to build community and bring people together with a particular focus on acknowledging the African heritage we find in many beloved dance forms around the world.


  1. Community Performances: $250-$1,000
  2. Workshops and Artist Residencies: $80/class-time hour
  3. Full-length Concert Performances: $2,000-$4,000

All fees are negotiable based on the scope of the project, the services provided, the number of artists or facilitators needed, and the presenter’s budgetary requirements. These fees do not include accommodation costs.


CLAVES UNIDOS is available year-round.


Technical needs are negotiable for all services. Adequate space, flooring, sound system and lighting conducive to dancing are requested in addition to a secure space or dressing rooms for staging and costume changes.


All ages


Ancestral Memories: It Takes A Language

Synopsis: This coming of age story utilizes cultural African-American imagery to provide a snapshot of the communication experiences that humans share around the world. The production features musical inspirations from Guatemala, Brazil, Cuba, and the United States.

Run-time: 60 minutes

Amália: An Evening of Fado and Dance

Synopsis: The story of Amália, portrays a bitter-sweet tale of love and loss. This production features original choreography from Kevin LaMarr Jones and live Portuguese Fado music by the Richmond quartet Fado Nosso and special musical guests.

Originating in Lisbon, Portugal during the 19th Century, Fado, meaning fate or destiny in Portuguese, interprets many sides of life. Fado is often shown to be mournful and melancholic, flirtatious and seductive, or wistful and nostalgic. One common description of Fado is “the Portuguese Blues”.

Performance except:

Run-time: 65 minutes


CLAVES UNIDOS in Residence

Description: Through this movement residency, facilitators will provide communities with the opportunity to explore dance as a tool for education, communication, and community building. This residency will incorporate dance forms from different countries throughout the world with a focus on celebrating African heritage.

Areas of focus:
o   African-influenced dance techniques
o   Dance as communication & performance
o   Dance as personal and communal resilience
o   Individual & communal movement
o   Individuality & improvisation
o   Shared & sacred space
o   Run-time: As needed
o   Audience: All ages

Community Workshops

African Roots Reunion Community Dance Workshop with Kevin LaMarr Jones

Description: Community members of all dance levels are invited to experience first-hand the movement of African Roots Reunion. Participants will experience dance and musical forms from Colombia, Puerto Rico, Brazil, the United States, and beyond.
o   Run-time: 45- 90 minutes
o   Audience: All ages
o   Workshops can include live music and informal performances upon request