Latin Ballet of Virginia Hispanic Folklore Dance Theatre

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Ana Ines King, Artistic Director
Address: 2880 Mountain Road, Glen Allen, VA 23060
Telephone: 804-855-9251 (Cell) - 804-356-3876 (Office)
Email: (personal email) (office email) 
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Fees per Service

  • Dance Theater Productions - Repertory Performance - $4,500 - $10,000

(Depending on production version and quantity of performers)

  • Lecture Demonstration: From $1,500 - $3,000

(Depending on the quantity of artists involved)

  • School wide performance by the students: $1,500          
  • School wide performance by the students/Lecture demonstration: $2,000
  • Workshop: From $120-$200

(Depending on the number of students and instructors involved)

  • Residency: From $4,000 ($400 per day)

$6,000 ($400 per day and Lecture Demonstration included)

Fees are negotiable depending upon the size and scope of the service, the number of artists, live-recorded music, students and instructors involved and the needs and budget of the presenter. Fees do not include accommodation expenses.


Throughout the year


Negotiable for all services; permanent stage no smaller than 30' x 24' is required for repertory performances; contact the ensemble for more information.


All programs are adapted to the age, needs and level of the student group


Founded in 1997 under the direction of Ana Ines King, a native of Colombia, S.A. It is dedicated to creating and strengthening connections to Hispanic/Latino American cultures through innovative and immersive dance-inspired education and performances.

The Latin Ballet of Virginia is guided by its mission to “enrich and connect communities through cultural Latin dance experiences with a commitment to education, diversity and accessibility.” The company fulfills this mission by increasing access to the arts for low-income families; providing culturally diverse performances and classes; helping prepare at-risk Hispanic and minority children for success; and touring our professional performances and educational programs internationally, nationally, and locally.


  • Alma Latina (Latin Soul): Roots/traditions of Hispano American culture. 
  • POEMAS: Poetry in motion. 
  • Fiesta del SOL (Party of the Sun): Culture and traditions of the Caribbean.
  • Passion de POE: Life and poetry of Edgar Allan Poe.
  • Legend of the Poinsettia: Hispanic Holiday traditions. 
  • El Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead): Mexican celebration of Life! 
  • NuYoRican: Puerto Ricans life and history.
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Educational Programs

  • Spanish through Dance, Hispanic language/culture
  • Dance as Therapy, special-needs children
  • ESL through Dance, assimilating international children/families
  • EveryBody Reads! literacy program. All programs meet SOL standards.
For more information on our Educational Programs, Please see our webpage: