Padmarani Rasiah Cantu Indian Dance

Padmarani Rasiah Cantu


Padmarani Rasiah Cantu
Richmond, VA 23227
804-347-6962 (cell)


Performance: $1,000 - $2,500
School Assembly: $950
Lecture/ Demonstration / Workshop: $350 - $500
Residency: $450 per day

Fees do not include travel, accommodations, or per diem. Special rates to low-income organizations


Throughout the year


Varies with performance space and contracted services; contact the artist for details.


All ages


With an international reputation, Padmarani Rasiah Cantu is a consummate artist, accomplished choreographer and teacher who reaches diverse audiences. Padma is the Artistic Director of the Fine Arts Society of Yogaville and offers regular classes in Richmond and Charlottesville.


Bharatha Natyam, an ancient classical dance form of India is acknowledged as one of the world's oldest art forms. The dance showcases Indian mythology through theatrical entertainment. A traditional repertoire commences with an introduction, special movements of the limbs, and intricate rhythmic footwork. It then blossoms into storytelling through hand gestures and facial expressions and concludes with a brilliant exposition of pure rhythm. Colorful costumes, sparking jewelry, and ankle bells complement this traditional presentation.

Educational Programs

School assemblies consist of three to four dance pieces in traditional costume and include audience participation.


Workshops include an overview of India and its cultural heritage. The artist, beginning with a demonstration, will teach basic rhythm styles, mime through facial expressions and hand gestures to create a dramatic sequence. PowerPoint presentation available upon request.


Residencies build on workshops and offer students an opportunity to learn one or two age appropriate group dances. It concludes with a public presentation by the students.