Riddick Dance Company Contemporary Dance

Riddick Dance


David F. Riddick, Executive /Artistic Director
225 Chapel Street
Hampton, VA 23669

E-mail: Aisham@beauty4asheshamptonva.com
Phone: 757 778-9257
Web: www.beauty4asheshamptonva.com


Performances                                      $1,500 - $5,000*
Mini-Performances                              $750- $2,500
School Performances                          $450- $1,500
Workshops/Master Classes (1 day - 1 week) $250- $1,000
Full Company Residency (weekly)     $4,000
Full Company Residency (2 days)      $2,000
Lecture Demonstrations                      $200

Note* Full Performance format can vary to suit your needs from traditional two-act with intermission (1 hour 45 minutes) to 70-minute one-act presentations. Mini-Performances are 45-minute performances. Price is determined by number of participants and repertoire requested.

Lecture demonstrations are 45 minutes and include audience participation. Format can be adapted to include performance.


Throughout the year


Technical needs are negotiable for all services.  Danceable floor services. Sound system with CD and/or laptop capabilities. Stage or classroom with danceable floors. Sound system with CD playback capability and handheld microphone, general stage illumination, private room for costumes and makeup with access to bathrooms.


All ages


Riddick Dance (formally known as Beauty for Ashes Dance & Theater, Inc.) was founded in 2009 by artistic director, David F. Riddick.  Riddick Dance is a contemporary dance company known for its broad dance repertory, expressive movement, athleticism, and fusion of dance styles.  In performance, Riddick Dance uses diverse platforms of presentation including, but not limited to, visual media, spoken word, live music, and visual art.  Educational workshops challenge participants to dance their “truth” while expanding their movement vocabularies and maintaining body awareness.   Riddick Dance aims to enrich the range of cultural offerings by focusing on a wide range of performing arts, but especially expressive dance.  Productions including ONE, Phoenix, and The King Project have distinguished the company as a novel contemporary dance company in the Hampton Roads region. 


Limericks of Our Soles  In collaboration, choreographers David Riddick and Marshall Swiney created a mixed-bag dance theater assortment to include love stories, poems, and speeches.

ONE is a mixed media piece dealing with love, loss, forgiveness, and conflict resolution told through the enlightening, meditative music of Alice Coltrane. 

The King Project is prayers of humanity labored in the continuum of race.  The two collaborators explored Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, “I’ve Been to the Mountain Top” speech, and “Letters from Birmingham Jail” through an improvisational structured dance theater laced in visual projections.

Limericks blends compassion, empathy and respect for humanity. Limericks is a 90-minute production.

Educational Performances

Dance is a universal art form. It has the ability to cross social, economic and racial barriers, illustrating how our differences can unite us.  It is also a proven tool to reinforce cognitive skills for both mainstream and non-traditional learners. Workshops such as Creative Expressions empower participants through the use of creativity to build alternative learning skills and implement innovative teaching methods. 

Company residencies are a more offer in-depth, intensive training opportunity. Classes are led by the director and/or company members and address both artistic and technical concerns.  The residency will culminate with a performance that integrates participants and company members.

Mini-Performances (45-60 minutes, appropriate for all ages)
Riddick Dance mini-performances are very collaborative with audience members.  This experience allows participants to look through both lens of the dancer/choreographer. Through this collaboration audience members will experience how dancers retain combinations and how the choreographer's movements have a beginning, middle, and end while exploring how each phrase is built strategically. Audience members will discover how dance is a part of everyday life through the mind, spirit, body, and movement connection. Mini-performances conclude with a short question and answer question.

Workshop/Master Class (1 day - 1 week, appropriate for all ages)
Classes are taught by David F. Riddick or other company members and include age-appropriate warm-up exercises and floor-work from the company repertoire.

Residencies (2 days - 2 weeks)
Riddick Dance residencies (2- 14 days) feature professional instruction in ballet, modern, and Rhythm & Roots which is a mix of African, Caribbean, and Latin dance, Improvisation and Riddick Contemporary Technique.  Additionally, participants will learn about nutrition, physiology, and the engineering design principles through movement. Performances include student and Riddick Dance choreography. Arts-integrated, SOL supported, special needs supported and educational residencies are also available.

Educational Residencies
Riddick Dance dancers provide warm-up exercises and floor-work that includes excerpts from the Riddick Technique and repertoire. Arts-integrated workshops and classes can be customized to specific curriculum connections for K-12, including Math, Linguistics, Poetry, Engineering, Physiology/Nutrition music, Science and technology and more. Additionally, Riddick Dance programs are appropriate for all ages and skill levels from pre-K to seniors, pre-professionals and college/university level. Residencies programs will conclude in a performance by the participants.

Workshop Residencies
Xpress Yourself Contemporary Hip-Hop Workshop Students will explore the intersectionality between African and Hip-Hop movement by understanding syncopated rhythms, linguistics, culture, timing, musicality, level changes, and undulations. Students will learn choreography through the foundational movements of Ballet, Modern, and Afro-Caribbean styles of dance.  By the end of the session, students will have a greater understanding of the origins of Hip-Hop movement.