Eve Watters Celtic Harp ~ Folk Music ~ Storytelling

Eve WattersPhoto credit: KMS Photography


Eve Watters
5771 Hilltop St.
Crozet VA 22932
E-mail: evewatters@gmail.com
Web: www.evewatters.com


Concerts from $575
Virginia Fireside Concert $625
Pleasures of the Harp Concert $625

Second Concert, same day $175
Solo Harp Music from $300

Class Visit/Workshop/Lecture-Demo $375
Or when in conjunction with Performance $175

Special Rates for Block Booking.


Throughout the year


Minimal; contact the artist for specifics.


Adaptable for all ages


From the National Cathedral to the Australian bush, Eve's performances adventure through our rich heritage of music and tales. Simple, direct, and lots of fun, her work sparkles with pure but powerful moving impact of time-honored traditions, to captivate and inspire audiences of all ages today, just as they’ve done for centuries. She’s been a performing singer, storyteller, harpist and multi-instrumentalist for decades, a passionate collector forever. She’s toured throughout Virginia, around the US, and abroad, and pioneered University of Virginia Health System’s Musician-in-Residence program as a therapeutic musician at patients’ bedsides

“When Eve Watters plays the harp, the willows weep. When she sings, the fishes dance. And when she tells stories, people beg for more." 
MidAtlantic Storytellers Conference

"Watters' voice, deft and light as a butterfly, dances above the acoustic accompaniment
Parents' Choice Magazine

 “The audience was certainly enthralled…What a fun way to bring history alive!”
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts


Eve presents a wide range of offerings, from thought-provoking grown-up concerts, to soothing solo Celtic harp, to lively participatory sessions for the young at heart, all improvisationally tailored to each occasion. Concerts are informal and naturally crafted with harp and voice, along with banjo, Native American flute, concertina, autoharp, or dulcimer. Listeners travel the centuries and escape to a “time when there was no time”, in an extensive repertoire of enchanting tales-with-a-twist, songs in a dozen languages, plus legend, lore, and lots of glorious harp music.

Virginia Fireside From backwoods porches and high-style parlors alike comes this multi-instrumental presentation of carefully researched, lovingly-preserved, authentic Virginia music and tales, lively and interactive in tone.

Pleasures of the Harp portrays the beauty and fascinating lore of harp throughout history, and around the world, with stories, period music, and rare Gaelic, Renaissance, neo-Celtic and double-strung harps.

Educational Programs

Concert programs can often be curriculum-coordinated and customized on request. Workshops/ Lectures/ Demos/ Class Visits: are informal and interactive. They are flexible in design and theme and can be arranged to suit audience interest

Sample Themes: “The Heartbeat of Therapeutic Music”; “Finding the Inner Storyteller”; “Remember When People Used to Sing?”; “Oral Traditions- Closer Than You Think!”; “Introducing: Harp!”