Dale Jett & Hello Stranger Traditional Carter Family Appalacian Americana

Dale Jett & Hello Stranger


Dale or Teresa Jett
1434 Ann Goode Cooper Rd.
Hiltons, VA 24258
276-386-2161 or 423-335-4954
E-mail: tjett@me.vccs.edu
Web: www.dalejett.com


Carter Family Legacy Concert $1,500 - $2,000
Appalachian Americana Concert $1,500 - $2,000

Fees include transportation.


Throughout the year


Professional quality sound system required for an audience of more than 50. Contact artist for details.


All ages


“Hello Stranger” includes Dale Jett, Teresa Jett, and Oscar Harris. A third generation member of the legendary Carter Family, son of Janette Carter and grandson of A.P. and Sara Carter, Dale strives to carry on the tradition of his family’s music. This ensemble provides the closest link possible to the music of the Original Carter Family as they continue the unbroken circle of music that has influenced them. The group also performs an eclectic mix from songwriters they admire as well as original tunes. Their concerts are a true Appalachian Americana experience. They have played at events across the country and in Canada.


The Carter Family Legacy Concert is a performance of traditional Carter Family songs, mixed with historical facts about the Original Carter Family, as well as family stories about growing up within the “family circle.” Featuring a wide variety of songs that showcase many songwriters and genres of music, this concert is a true Appalachian Americana experience.

Songs of the Civil War Concert includes Carter Family songs, original tunes, and tunes of other songwriters based on stories of the Civil War era. Songs represent both northern and southern sentiments of the times. This concert showcases songs from Hello Stranger’s new CD, When the Sun Comes Out Again.

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