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Mountain Marimba, Inc.
Larissa Venzie
P.O. Box 432
Independence, VA 24348


Concert $800
School Workshop/Lecture-Demonstration $400
School MasterClass $400
Residency $600

Fees negotiable. Fees do not include travel expenses or accommodations. If artist has to provide assistants, a fee of $100 will be added.


Throughout the year


Minimum 12’ x 8’ stage or performance area.; two assistants for set-up/break down of instrument.


Concert: All ages; Workshop/lecture-demonstration: K-12, college; Master class: 8th grade-college.


Living quietly deep in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, Larissa Venzie is a musician of the highest caliber. Her outstanding talent on the marimba is hidden among the more traditional old-time and bluegrass music that abounds regionally; but all who listen to her agree that to hear Larissa is to experience the marimba played by a true artist of the instrument. She has developed her skills in producing beautiful tone and musical timing to softly lure the listener in with gentle flights of melody or sweep over the full range of the marimba with agility and grace. Larissa’s accomplished mallet technique has power, dexterity, and delicacy which allows each note to develop to its fullest. Artistry coupled with an exquisite 5.0 Concert DeMorrow marimba make Larissa’s sound truly unique in the realm of modern marimba. Examples can be found at


Each performance offers a vibrant and unique exposure to the fascinating world of marimba. Through her distinct ability to capture the audience with the melodic magic of this instrument and the personal rapport she creates with the audience, Larissa keeps the listener engaged and entranced by what has been described as "liquid music."

Educational Programs

Services will be age-appropriate and tailored to fit each school's specific needs and areas of interest. Lecture/demonstration: schools can choose from a variety of topics related to marimba performance, technique, and musical interpretation through a combination of demonstration, discussion and student participation. Master classes: Larissa will work with students on prepared musical selections and/or marimba technique.


A comprehensive service including interactive lessons, demonstrations and master classes customized for each school.

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