Sound Impact Classical, Contemporary Chamber Music (Family or Education)

Sound Impact


Tiffany Richardson c/o Sound Impact
P.O. Box 309
Fairfax Station, VA 22039
(703) 568-7392


Chamber Music Concert (String Trio Only):$2,880
Chamber Music Concert (String Quartet): $3,840
Educational Programs (School or Community Center Performance) Single Show: $720, Double Show: $1,080
 Educational Residency: from $2,520

Fees are negotiable based on travel and lodging.


Throughout the year.


Concerts: three or four armless chairs, stage lighting, microphone (voice)    

Education programs: 3 standing microphones (voice), electrical outlet (less than 30 ft away), projector, small table or cart to place a laptop and projector

Outdoor concerts: require amplification for all instruments


Founded in 2013, Sound Impact (SI) is a collective of musicians dedicated to connecting, engaging and empowering youth beyond the concert hall through performances and education programs. Its mission is underpinned by the belief that music has the ability to ignite positive social change when employed as a tool for community engagement. SI reaches over 10,000 young people annually through programs including in-school education concerts, classroom curriculum, interactive workshops, a virtual education series, innovative ukulele training, incarcerated youth residencies, international festivals, and cultural exchange opportunities.

Sound Impact has presented concerts at the Embassy of Costa Rica, the Ethical Society in Philadelphia, Kennedy Center, Mexican Cultural Institute, Mount Vernon, National Gallery of Art, Orange Music Society, and Spain Arts and Culture in Washington, D.C.


Chamber Music Concert
A unique blend of traditional classical music and contemporary compositions for adult community members in non-traditional venues.

Educational Programs

Time Travel Through Music Assemblies (available Live or Virtual)
The musicians of Sound Impact present an interactive time travel adventure exploring music’s role throughout history, including curriculum connections to global cultures, history/social studies, language arts, social justice and social emotional learning with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. A quartet of Sound Impact musicians combines live performances, storytelling, digital vignettes and interactive activities for the students during the assemblies, which end with a Q&A session. Designed for k-6 students, aligned with VA Standards of Learning.


Time Travel through Music Workshop (Available Live or in a Hybrid setting)
Starting with a Time Travel through Music assembly for the entire school, the Sound Impact quartet then focuses on working in a hands-on workshop style with an entire grade of students over the course of 3 days. During each session, the young learners work to create their own time travel adventure capsules in small groups as they explore new ways of expressing themselves through creative writing, history lessons, music making and movement. The student's creative adventure capsules become a part of the final Time Travel collaborative performances (Sound Impact & students combined) which is performed for the entire school. As a part of this experience, Sound Impact will work to build empathy and introduce diverse perspectives for all students engaged. Designed for k-6 students, aligned with VA Standards of Learning.

Music of Revolution Workshop (Available Live or Virtual)
An 45 minute interactive workshop that incorporates music performance, digital content, discussion & creative writing activities to explore music/s role in revolution and the power of our voices to build unity and understanding. Designed for middle and high school students, aligned with VA Standards of Learning.

Videos (Time Travel Goes Digital 10 Episode Education Series) (Time Travel Goes Digital Promo Video) (Educational Outreach in Costa Rica-Video Credit: Aiden Korotkin)