Sound Impact Classical, Contemporary Chamber Music

Sound Impact


Tiffany Richardson c/o Sound Impact
P.O. Box 309
Fairfax Station, VA 22039
(703) 568-7392


Chamber Music Concert (String Trio Only):$2,880
Chamber Music Concert (String Quartet): $3,840
Educational Programs (School or Community Center Performance) Single Show:  $630-720, Double Show: $900-960
 Educational Residency: from $1,800

Fees are negotiable based on travel and lodging.


Throughout the year.


Concerts: three or four armless chairs, stage lighting, microphone (voice)    
Education programs: 3 standing microphones (voice), electrical outlet (less than 30 ft away), projector, small table or cart to place a laptop and projector
Outdoor concerts: require amplification for all instruments


In 2012, co-founders Danielle Cho (cello), Rebecca Jackson (violin), and Tiffany Richardson (viola) presented "Haim" by Polina Nazaykinskaya in the Washington, DC region. This chamber work, inspired by the life of David Arben, Holocaust survivor and former associate concertmaster of the Philadelphia Orchestra, elicited an overwhelming response from audience members. This experience of musical storytelling and human connection ignited a desire in these women to band together to change communities, one performance at a time.

Since its inception, Sound Impact has connected with diverse communities such as hospitals, schools, juvenile detention centers, homeless centers and children's homes. Every Sound Impact project brings aboard different collaborators creating a unique team of musicians and creative spirits. Sound Impact is currently planning their fourth tour through Costa Rica and has presented educational residencies in partnership with The Arts Center in North Carolina, the Roanoke Symphony, as well as Juvenile Detention Centers in California, Washington DC and New Mexico. Sound Impact has presented concerts at the Kennedy Center, National Gallery of Art, Spain Arts and Culture, Embassy of Costa Rica, Mexican Cultural Institute and the Ethical Society in Philadelphia.


Chamber Music Concert
A unique blend of traditional classical music and contemporary compositions for adult community members in non-traditional venues.

Educational Programs

Shall We Dance? is an upbeat and interactive 50-minute performance introducing dance music and the impact “rhythm and dance” had had on cultural identity, history and heritage.  Students will be engaged through fun games involving clapping, stomping, and movement.  The program features the string trio and a percussionist. 

The Trouble with Ben: Sound Impact’s newest education program inspires self-esteem for even the youngest audience member. We welcome you to join in on the adventure as we bring to life the story of a bear named Ben. This engaging new work explores themes of embracing our differences and staying true to oneself. This program features interactive games to deepen the experience and understanding of these string instruments, introducing new sounds and textures of contemporary music featuring a string trio (violin, viola, and cello). Music composed by dynamic composer D.J. Sparr, story written by Grammy award winning writer Barry Louis Polisar.  

Both of these programs are targeted for elementary through high school students, and can be presented at schools and/or community centers. 


Expanding on a one-day concert/visit, Sound Impact will present residencies, ranging from a minimum of two days to a full week. During this time, Sound Impact will work throughout each day in interactive activities with the students, including musical coaching, side-by-side performance, building percussion instruments, composing music, writing stories/poems with musical accompaniment, and other musical activities tailored to the school’s curriculum.

The educational residency is designed to take place during the school day in coordination with either the music teacher or the classroom teacher to enhance the school’s curriculum through the arts. 

Videos (Contemporary Concert Performance) (Shall We Dance Promo Video) (Educational Outreach in Costa Rica-Video Credit: Aiden Korotkin)