Stephanie Nakasian Great American Songbook Jazz Classics

Stephanie Nakasian
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Nakasian Duo Concert:  $1,000
Nakasian Trio Concert:  $1,500
Nakasian Vocal Workshop:  $500

Special discounts for concert/workshop combinations and extended workshops.


Throughout the year


Appropriate performance area.


All ages


For over 30 years, jazz singer Stephanie Nakasian set the standard in Jazz across the world, and is recognized in the Encyclopedia of Jazz for her contributions. Stephanie has headlined from the Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center, and the Moscow International Performing Arts Center, to festivals in Japan, Europe, and the U.S.

Dubbed the "Renaissance Woman of Jazz," by, Stephanie is featured on the syndicated radio show “Riverwalk” and is known for her tributes for the “Great Ladies of Jazz,” and “American Songbook,” concerts and recordings. She has performed with jazz legends Jon Hendricks, Pat Metheny, Bobby McFerrin, and others, and teaches voice at the University of Virginia and at the College of William & Mary.

Stephanie released her newest book this year, "You Already Know How to Sing: Voice Lessons-Life Lessons," contains 2 CD’s, and helps students and teachers to reach their vocal potential by simplifying their mental approach. Her first book, “It’s not on the Page: How to Integrate Jazz & Jazz Rhythm into Choral & Solo Repertoire!” is a favorite of teachers and students, helping them to understand and sing jazz. Both have been presented in workshops to over 25 state and national music education conferences.Nakasian’s CD “Billie Remembered” in tribute to Billie Holiday, inspired Terry Gross to interview Stephanie on her syndicated NPR show “Fresh Air.” Stephanie has 13 CD’s as a leader including her latest, "Show Me the Way to Get Out of This World." She also appears with her late husband, the jazz piano great Hod O'Brien, on Terry Allard's Public Television show "Charlottesville - Inside Out" and often tours with their daughter Veronica Swift, now a rising jazz singing star in New York City.


From duo to Big Band, with a repertoire including the Great American Songbook and Jazz Classics: authentic; swinging; entertaining; engaging all ages and sized audiences. Compared to Ella, Sarah, Peggy Lee, Rosemary Clooney and June Christy.


For all ages, on improvisation, vocals, jazz history, jazz phrasing and rhythm. Nakasian's choral workshops help teachers and students with jazz rhythm, syncopation, phrasing and improvisation.