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Victor Haskins
10 Washington and Lee Blvd
Stafford, VA 22556
Phone: 540-376-9553


Victor Haskins & Moving Sound Pictures concert: $1,000
+ add Dancers (depending on show) $2,000-$3,500

Victor Haskins' Skein concert: $2,000-$3,500
Sample show offerings:
-"The original music of Victor Haskins"
-"Star Wars and Disney Classics Reimagined"

Travel and accommodation expense to be determined by service and location. Discounts offered for multiple bookings/residencies.


Throughout the year


Artist can supply sound equipment, depending on venue size; for an additional fee (and depending on other factors to be discussed), the artist can provide lighting. Otherwise, proper stage lighting and outlets need to be provided by the presenter.


All ages; programming can also be designed to suit specific needs if desired.


Victor Haskins is an internationally recognized trumpet and electronic wind instrument (EWI) player, improviser, composer/arranger, bandleader, interdisciplinary collaborator, and educator. His approach to living is a result of growing up in a variety of diverse settings in Asia and Africa and traveling extensively (which continues through the present day). Through music, he is able to synthesize his thoughts and experiences into audible emotions and sonic stories to connect with audiences.

As an educator, Mr. Haskins currently serves as the Director of In-School Jazz Ensembles for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (since 2014), Professor of Jazz Trumpet at the College of William & Mary (since 2016), and the Director of the Jazz Ensemble at the College of William & Mary (since 2018). Previously, he served on the faculty of the inaugural Izmir International Jazz Camp (2012). Haskins has presented clinics and masterclasses on a variety of music-related topics at institutions including (but not limited to) the Jazz Education Network Conference, the University of Georgia, Virginia Commonwealth University, the Royal Academy of Music, the University of Richmond, TEDxVCU, and TEDxLizardCreek.

Some notable highlights from Mr. Haskins’ performance career thus far include the creation of his own improvisational concept--Melodic Improvisation--as well as an independently conceived musical genre that is based on that concept, called ImproviStory (which later evolved into his current project, Moving Sound Pictures). He released his debut album of all original compositions-- "The Truth"--on 32 Bar Records in March of 2013. Victor has been featured at the Richmond Jazz Festival, Richmond’s 2nd Street Festival, the Elkhart Jazz Festival, the Apex Jazz Festival, and the Festival of New Trumpet Music. He has worked directly with a diverse cross-section of masters of improvised music, including (but not limited to) Marc Cary, Craig Handy, Roger Lewis (Dirty Dozen Brass Band), Lonnie Liston-Smith, Jason Moran, and Phil Wiggins. He holds a Jazz Studies/Performance degree from Virginia Commonwealth University where he completed the 4-year music program in only 3 years (the first and only person to ever accomplish this feat).


Victor Haskins & Moving Sound Pictures

Moving Sound Pictures is an innovative solo project where Victor Haskins creates live-produced, spontaneously composed music utilizing cornet, voice Electronic Wind Instrument (EWI), synths, live sampling, and virtuosic improvisation to transcend genre in order to present a supremely unique and wondrous experience of live orchestration and music production. Every performance involves a synthesis of elements from a myriad of disparate musical and cultural traditions, including (but not limited to) African, Arabic, Indian, Hip Hop, Latin, Funk, European classical, Soul, Abstract, Electronica, Rock, and Blues. Moving Sound Pictures can be expanded to include dancers to collectively tell stories through improvisation.

Watch videos of Victor Haskins & Moving Sound Pictures in action:
With Dancers:

Victor Haskins’ Skein

A “skein” has two definitions:
1. a tangled or complicated arrangement, state, or situation.
2. a flock of wild geese or swans in flight, typically in a V-shaped formation.

The members of Victor Haskins’ Skein bring these definitions to life through their highly interactive interplay and dynamic chemistry that concertgoers will immediately recognize and feel. The repertoire spans a wide range of fascinating and entertaining sonic territory—infectious rhythms, catchy melodies, and elements of cultures and traditions from around the world. If the purpose of life is to gather and harness new experiences, then Victor Haskins’ Skein is perfectly poised to pleasantly permeate the hearts, minds, and souls of all whose ears remain functional and open.

Watch videos of Victor Haskins’ Skein in action: v=IbSEw18N_6A&index=1&list=PLhIuZmGtvsv1NHfgvVcpqwf52W-5gJVKH

Outreach and Lecture/Demonstration
“Speaking of Jazz”: $2,000

The mission of “Speaking of Jazz” is first and foremost to introduce children to the power and relevance of jazz music. Through performances and contextual explanations, the program seeks to illustrate that "jazz" is less of a musical genre and more of a description of how people communicate with music. Listening, improvisation, and freedom of expression are the main components that make jazz special and vital, though these concepts can be applied to other areas of life, too. Components of the presentation include directed listening, interactive performances (where audience members sing along with and be a part of the tunes played at certain times), as well as music specifically written to be relatable to young students.

Quotes from teachers who have experienced a “Speaking of Jazz” presentation:
“Mr. Haskins and his fellow musicians brought jazz alive for my students through quality performance and stimulating questions. I have never seen my students so attentive for an entire hour!”

Graciela Briceno, Music Teacher at Garrison Elementary School (Washington, D.C.)

“They gave insightful discussions, encouraged audience participation and had fun with their topics and pieces that kept the students’ interests while still maintaining the high standard of performance expectations and learning atmosphere.”

“…I highly recommend administrators, teachers and schools to put forth the effort in having these musicians come to them and share some of the musical knowledge that they are willing to give.”

Michael Utell, Band Director at Woodburn School for the Fine and Communicative Arts (Falls Church, VA)

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