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Victor Haskins
10 Washington and Lee Blvd
Stafford, VA 22556
Phone: 540-376-9553


ImproviStory performance: $1,500-$4,000
Victor Haskins' "Skein" performance: $2,500-$4,000
“Speaking of Jazz” presentation: from $2,500-$4,000

Travel and accommodation expense to be determined by service and location.


Throughout the year


Artist can supply sound equipment, depending on venue size; for an additional fee (and depending on other factors to be discussed), the artist can provide lighting. Otherwise, proper stage lighting and outlets need to be provided by the presenter.


All ages; programming can also be designed to suit specific needs if desired.


Victor Haskins is a multi-instrumentalist, multidisciplinary artist, international performer, composer, improviser, bandleader, and educator.

Haskins has been commissioned to create and perform multidisciplinary works (involving music, dance, film, theatrical elements, creative writing, and more) most recently by 1708 Gallery for their InLight exhibition (November 2019), and by the Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) Performing & Visual Arts Magnet Program for their teacher development/training seminar (August 2019). Haskins has released two albums of his original music. The first, "The Truth", was released in 2013, and the most recent, "Showing Up", was released in 2019. His main ensemble--Victor Haskins' Skein--is featured on "Showing Up", and will be featured on Victor's next recording, which will be of original music based on Candomblé rhythms.

Victor has been featured at the Richmond, Elkhart, and Apex Jazz Festivals, the Richmond 2nd Street and East End Festivals, the Festival of New Trumpet Music, and the Christopher Newport University Trumpet Festival. He has performed in venues such as the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage (Washington, D.C.), the Jazz Gallery (NYC), iBeam (NYC), Résonance Café (Montreal, CA), Diese Onze (Montreal, CA), Snug Harbor (New Orleans, LA), the University of KwaZulu-Natal (Durban, South Africa), Teatro SESI Rio Vermelho (Salvador, Bahia, BR), amongst others.

Victor regularly administers educational/outreach presentations for young people (mostly in elementary school), and directs an In-School Ensembles for the Kennedy Center as a part of this work. Haskins also teaches music at the College of William & Mary. Haskins has presented educational ideas at institutions including (but not limited to) the Jazz Education Network Conference, the University of Georgia, Virginia Commonwealth University, the Royal Academy of Music, Conservatoir Nadia et Lili Boulanger, the University of Richmond, TEDxVCU, and TEDxLizardCreek. Victor is proud to be sponsored by Eclipse Trumpets, and Denis Wick mouthpieces.

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ImproviStory is an improvisational, sound-driven, multidisciplinary performance unit/concept. Haskins constructs intricate, extemporaneously-orchestrated soundscapes by synthesizing a variety of musical elements. The soundscapes provide a cinematic soundtrack for the audience as other artistic elements (including film, lighting, staging, narrative, poetry, dancers, etc.) are interwoven and dialogue with each other. The result is an immersive, emotional experience.

ImproviStory performances include an after-performance talkback with the audience to answer questions, discuss themes, and investigate artistic choices/processes.

Virtual/livestream performances are available.
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Victor Haskins' "Skein"

In Victor Haskins’ "Skein", Haskins is joined by other musicians to explore the possibilities of collective improvisation through the forum of original compositions and arrangements Haskins has crafted specifically for this ensemble, delighting and intriguing audiences with intense aural interplay. Haskins' most recent project for Victor Haskins' “Skein” involves a series of compositions he has composed based on his interpretations of rhythms from the Afro-Brazilian religion Candomblé.

Victor Haskins' "Skein" performances include an after- (and sometimes during) performance talkback with the audience to answer questions, discuss themes, and investigate artistic choices/processes.

Virtual/livestream performances are available.

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Outreach and Lecture/Demonstration

“Speaking of Jazz"

The mission of "Speaking of Jazz" is first and foremost to introduce children to the power and relevance of jazz music. Through performances and contextual explanations, the program seeks to illustrate that "jazz" is less of a musical genre and more of a description of how people communicate with music. Listening, improvisation, and freedom of expression are the main components which make jazz special and vital, though these concepts can be applied to other areas of life, too. Components of the presentation include directed listening, interactive performances (where students sing along with and be a part of the tunes played at certain times), as well as music specifically written to be relatable to young students.

Virtual/livestream performances are available.