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Opera In The Classroom (educational tour available for grades K-5): Cost per show begins at $1,200. Please contact our Civic Engagement department for further details on pricing and/or to reserve a date for a performance.

Let’s Talk Opera: Pricing begins at $200/session. Please contact our Civic Engagement Department for details.

Voices Around Town: Pricing begins at $250 (may vary depending on size of the event and singers requested). Please contact our Civic Engagement Department for details.




*Internet access necessary for online content only.
*Voices Around Town-Live concerts/singing exhibitions may require on-site piano for accompanist. .


Opera In The Classroom Production, “Jack and the Beanstalk”, by John Davies: Grades K-5
Virtually Amazing Opera: Content varies, for all ages. *Online production of The Princess and the Pea, available July 5th at for grades K-5 only.
Voices Around Town-Content varies for all ages depending on selected works to perform.


Virginia Opera has been a leader in commissioning, designing, and presenting innovative, age-appropriate programs for nearly 40 years.


Specific information will be available at as it becomes available.

Educational Programs

We offer (by reservation only) Opera In The Classroom for schools, children’s organizations, and other educational institutions. All educational works feature professional singers employed in the Emerging Artist Program, and are accompanied by piano. Opera In The Classroom also includes additional learning materials for students to expand their knowledge of opera, and can be used for either pre or post-production follow-up. Our Virtually Amazing Opera page online houses The Princess and the Pea, a fully produced film that’s fun, and an engaging for students to experience opera anywhere! Study guides and other suggested learning structures are available for teachers to utilize this tool to the fullest.

Opera In The Classroom presents “Jack and the Beanstalk”, by Jack Davies. This lively production introduces the opera artform to young audiences with a plethora of valuable lessons! Three Emerging Artist are accompanied with a piano & accompanist, set with props, and full costuming to perform this classic fairy-tale. The show supports educational criteria for students and the Virginia SOL’s. The categories of Fine Arts, English, and Digital Learning Integration can be connection points for educational instructors.

Impoverished, Jack’s mother instructs her son to sell the family cow. Jack instead turns over their cow for a handful of beans from a mysterious dustman. Angered by his choices, Jack’s mother throws the “worthless” beans out of their window…. but are they truly worthless?! NO! To Jack’s surprise the tiny beans take root overnight revealing a magical stalk that stretches to the sky! Like any adventurous child, Jack climbs the beanstalk and discovers that like the beans, there’s more than meets the eye. The top of the beanstalk holds a castle where a greedy giant lives with his kind-hearted wife. The story takes an unexpected twist when Jack uncovers his father’s precious golden hen stolen by the giant. Sprints, scrambles, jumps, and bumps occur after Jack, backed by the Giant’s Wife, plot to get the golden hen back. In the end, the Giant resolves to behave kind and well to all. This fun and engaging fairy-tale shows that consideration for others requires everyone’s participation to treat others as they would want to be treated.

Our online filmed opera for children, “The Princess & the Pea”, by Dr. Glenn Winters, will be available beginning July 2022. Queen Cindy wants her son, Prince Jeff, to get married and insists he find a bride with extra-sensitive taste buds as proof of her royal blood. Instead, Prince Jeff meets Lulu, a young woman on her way to a costume ball dressed as a princess, and they fall in love. Will Lulu be able to prove her royal sensitivity to Queen Cindy and marry her true love? Additional information is available at

Student Night @ The Opera
Experience the final dress rehearsals of all of our 2022-23 Season operas with your student groups! Discount tickets available for students and chaperones attending. Please contact the Virginia Opera Civic Engagement Office for details.

Let’s Talk Opera
Older students and adults, particularly those with an interest in music, can engage in discussion sessions and lectures from Virginia Opera experts within your classroom or online! Materials supporting pre and post-discussions available to study our mainstage productions and the social themes/concepts they introduce to audiences. Contact our Civic Engagement department for more details.

Master Classes

Older students, particularly those with an interest in music, will enjoy watching some of all of this Master Class series in which industry veterans/stars, Denyce Graves and Grant Youngblood, work with Virginia Opera’s Emerging Artists.