David Tyson's Weaver of Tales Theatre Company, Theatre ~ Performing & Teaching Artist



David Tyson
P.O. Box 10551
Burke, VA 22015
Phone: 908-273-7218
Email: tysontheatre@yahoo.com
Website: www.davidtysontheatre.com
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/maskphysicaltheatre


Performances for General Audience (9 and up) or Colleges: $500 - $1,800
School Assembly Performances for 3rd – 12th Grades: $500 - $1,000
Workshops/Lecture/Demonstrations: $300 - $1,000
Residencies: $500 - $1,200
Combined Performance & Workshop: $600 - $2,000
Block-booking discounts available


Throughout the year


Minimal--contact artist for details


Ages 9 to Adult


David Tyson is the artistic director of his own Weaver of Tales Theatre Company. He is a story performer whose theatrical presentations often incorporate various “popular forms of entertainment” (i.e. Commedia Dell’Arte, masks, improvisational theatre, stand-up comedy, clowning, mime, magic, puppetry, and juggling). His presentations are based on original material and adapted stories.

Mr. Tyson holds an MFA in Theatre, an MA in “Communication and Leadership,” and is also a graduate of the “Dell’Arte School of Physical Theatre. He has performed in theaters, fairs, festivals, conferences, schools, theme parks ranging from EPCOT Center in Walt Disney World to the La MaMa Theatre in NYC. In addition, he has extensive experience teaching in higher education and as a teaching artist.

Theatrical Selections

The Renaissance Revisited – Out of the Darkness Comes the Light: A modern-day fool goes in search of the truth by travelling back in time. Included are vignettes inspired by tales of knights, dragons, giants, and the classic text, “Everyman.”

Crazy Over Love: A Theatre Noir - Phillip Heart Adventure: She walked into his life and stole his love, now Phillip Heart, the Paranormal Private Eye, is on the case trying to get it back. Tick tock, tick tock, time is running out!!!

A Fool’s Odyssey: A comic/ dramatic performance inspired by Homer’s classic tale, The Odyssey If the path before you is clear you are probably on someone else’s. – Joseph Campbell. A “traveler” must overcome his own hubris, the deceits and villainy of others; and even death itself in this fast-paced production that shows us that no matter how rough the storm there is a way home.

Myths, Monsters, and Mayhem: Explore the fears, foibles, and fantasies that help us make sense of our reality. Inspired by various tales, myths, legends, and nightmares see how humor and tears can help us to manage the madness.

Devised Theatre: Theatrical Productions can be geared to 20-80-minute presentations. In many cases, Mr. Tyson is able to devise presentations around various themes and concepts suitable to your event.

Educational Workshops

  • Commedia Dell’Arte
  • Mask & Movement Theatre
  • Stage Combat
  • Clowning
  • Story Theatre
  • Improvisational Theatre
  • Communications
  • Devised Theatre