NEW! Eva DeVirgilis, Award-Winning One-Woman Show



Eva DeVirgilis
P.O. Box 13511
Richmond, VA 23225

Twitter: @evadevirgilis
Instagram: @evadevirgilis

Video Clips:
In My Chair 90-second promo
PBS, Featuring Eva DeVirgilis
TEDxRVAwoman talk
Performance Reel


Solo-Performance: $3,000 - $6,500
Workshops $1,500- $3,000
*Please inquire about educational and institutional discounts.


Throughout the year


Professional sound system & stage lighting required for full-length show, In My Chair. Multimedia projections available for suitable venues. More basic sound and lighting requirements will vary according to program chosen. Please contact artist for specifics.


Eva’s shows are female-focused. Women’s organizations and institutions, colleges and universities, adult and high school performances are available.


A vocal advocate for the global empowerment of women and girls, award-winning actress, artist and activist Eva DeVirgilis creates inspiring performances which provide a fresh look at the challenges and new opportunities women face today. DeVirgilis sheds light on the 'seemingly superficial' topic of makeup, revealing the struggles and strengths of women just below the surface.

Eva shares historical evidence coupled with hysterical, heartbreaking first-hand stories, and peels back layer after layer of the cultural double-standards often preventing women from speaking up, speaking out, or taking on leadership positions.

DeVirgilis doesn’t alienate anyone in her audience; she takes a positive, compassionate, and inclusive approach to tough issues. Her savvy ability to educate and entertain across the racial, geographical, and political spectrum, reminds audiences that any one of us can “be the change we wish to see” by showing up, reaching out, and giving others the space to open up.

Known for her dynamic work in numerous multi-character solo-shows, you've also seen her on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Turn; Washington's Spies, Legends & Lies; The Patriots and can currently be seen waxing comically in 7 different commercials.


What happens when a make-up artist takes her chair around the world in search for beauty and happiness?

Eva’s hit’ solo-show, In My Chair, was recognized for ‘Best Original Work’ at the 2019 Richmond Theatre Critics Circle Awards, and was hailed by BroadwayWorld as, “A vital theatrical experience ... performed to glorious perfection.” Her TEDx talk of the same name was named by HER Magazine as one of the “Top inspirational TED Talks to help you change your life.” Read what else the press is saying about In My Chair!

In addition to her full-length one-person show, In My Chair, Eva is frequently invited to perform specially created versions of her character monologues for non-profit organizations, community groups and educational institutions. She also presents workshops on Creativity and Theatrical Performance—please inquire for details.

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