Synetic Theater Theater

Synetic TheaterCourtesy Synetic Theater. Photo by Koko Lanham.


Tori Bertocci, Education and Outreach Manager
2155 Crystal Plaza Arcade, T-19
Arlington, VA 22202
(703) 824-8060 ext 102; (703) 824-4827


School Performances: $500
Back to School Performance: $900
School workshops: Begins @ $150


For school performances and workshops, two-week booking notice is required.


School Performances – Sound amplifier


Outreach Performances- Pre-K through Middle School
Workshops/Residencies- Pre-K through Adult


Synetic redefines theatre by blending innovative techniques and movement, investing in artists’ growth, and creating unforgettable visceral experiences for every audience.Techniques are drawn from ballet, modern dance, pop and lock, Georgian traditions of pantomime, tumbling, acrobatics, and stage combat. Synetic's Founding Artistic Director, Paata Tsikurishvili, continuously pushes the envelope, introducing new theatrical techniques such as use of multimedia, unusual staging with materials not often seen in theater, dance-like sequences that serve as part of the set, and creative use of dialogue and movement.


The Magical Balloon – School Performance - The Magical Balloon tells the story of a travelling actor and his magical trunk of tricks and toys.

The Music Box - A wonderful collection of physical comedy short stories set to music.

Workshops and Residencies

Taught by Synetic teaching artists, students and educators receive expert instruction, while learning how dance, movement, acrobatics, pantomime, and tableau can be used to create performances and bring any classroom curriculum to life while transcending the cultural limitations of spoken word.


The Music Box:

The Miraculous Magic Balloon:

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