Virginia Commission for the Arts celebrates and champions artistic excellence and encourages growth in artistic creativity, quality and innovation. VCA invests in the arts in the Commonwealth by supporting and encouraging full participation in a creative culture that will benefit all Virginians.

VCA Mandates and Goals

VCA’s mission is driven by five mandates that address (1) availability and accessibility to the arts, (2) a commitment to lifelong arts learning and education, (3) a healthy and productive arts infrastructure, (4) the arts as a vital component of the Commonwealth’s economy, and (5) an environment that is open and conducive to artistic expression. These mandates and goals are addressed by interconnecting themes that emphasize a strong commitment of support, relationship building and active service to the arts community and citizens of the Commonwealth.

These themes include:

  • Enhancing VCA’s capacities through improved communications, grants making processes and response systems.
  • Increasing resources for the arts through more and better relationships, partnerships and alliances with the public and private sectors.
  • Identifying and facilitating synergies within the existing Commonwealth’s arts resources for greater impact, sustainability and adaptability.
  • Stimulating and advancing a broader and richer dialogue about the role and value of the arts and creativity in the everyday lives of Virginians.
The Virginia Commission for the Arts’ Strategic Plan can be downloaded from our website at www.arts.virginia.gov/about_strategic.html