Strategic Plan

    Message from the Executive Director Margaret Vanderhye

    In February, 2014, Governor Terry McAuliffe appointed me as Executive Director of the Virginia Commission for the Arts. Building on the legacy of years of dynamic and energetic leadership at the staff and the Board levels, I am honored to become a steward of the Commission’s Strategic Plan, now updated with a 2015 - 2017 timeframe.

    The original 2013 – 2015 Strategic Plan gave the VCA staff and board the guiding principles and tasks to ensure that the arts flourish in Virginia over the next decade. The Commission used the strategic planning process as an opportunity to reflect upon our past, evaluate the present, and envision the future. This Plan is intended as a living document to assist VCA in addressing the issues, needs and concerns of the arts in the Commonwealth.

    As we move forward we will continue to seek more opportunities for collaboration with arts organizations and with public and private sector partners to ensure that Virginia enjoys a rich and diverse culture in all parts of the state.  We expect to extend our outreach so that our arts organizations can take advantage of every opportunity to develop and sustain their respective programs. We intend to monitor closely our own procedures and application processes to make sure our grantees can develop best management practices.  By doing so, we can raise the profile of the arts in areas of education, tourism, economic workforce development, and advocacy to achieve a vibrant and enduring cultural presence.

    I am honored to serve in a position for which I feel such passionate attachments. My devotion to the arts has been life long. My career in public service extends from my graduate school days to the present. With the chance to share the important story of how the arts define and uplift societies, and the abundance of creative opportunities – and people – right here in Virginia, I know the time is right to embrace this Commission work plan and the “road map” reflected in this continuing 2017 - 2019 vision.

    Margaret Vanderhye