VCA FY22 GRANTS Deadlines to Apply Who Can Apply? What Does The Grant Support? How Much Is The Grant Award?  Is There A Match Requirement?
General Operating Support Grant February 1--Short Form** Current FY21 GOS Grantees Only. The Program is Closed to New Applicants in FY22 General Operating Expenses $500 - $200,000 No
Project Grant March 1 501 (c) (3) Organizations Colleges/Universities Units of Government Expenses for New Arts Initiatives. GOS Applicants May Not Apply $1,000 - $5,000 1:1 Match, 50% of Match Must be Cash
Creative Community Partnership Grant April 1--Application February 1--Final Report Independent City/Town/County Governments Operating Support for Arts Organizations Serving the Locality $100 - $4,500 1:1 Match, 50% of match must be cash
Artists in Education Grant April 1 PreK-12 Schools 501 (c) 3 Organizations Units of Government School/Summer/Adult Population Artist Residencies; Professional Development for Arts Educators $500 - $7,500 1:1 Match, 50% of match must be cash
Technical & Organizational Assistance Grant April 1--Until Funds are Exhausted. Priority Given to Organizations with Budgets of $150K or Less April 1- May 1 501 (c) 3 Arts Organizations Outside help for arts organizations to improve their management, artistic quality, or community service Up to $3,500 No
Performing Arts Touring Assistance Grant March 1 - December 1 Schools--PreK-University 501 (c) 3 Organizations Units of Government Presenter Expenses for Performances by VCA Touring Artists $100 - $7,500 1:1 Match, 50% of match must be cash
AIExpress July 1 - April 15 or Until Funds Are Exhausted PreK-12 Schools 501 (c) 3 Organizations Units of Government VCA Teaching Artists residing in Virginia Short-term Artist Residencies, Arts Education Professional Development Up to $1,500 15% Cash Match
Performing Arts Tour Directory July 15 Virginia Performing Artists Inclusion in the VCA Performing Arts Tour Directory $1,000 - $40,000 Allocation Presenter Pays 1:1 Match Through the Tour Assistance Grant
Teaching Artist Roster  April 1 and October 1 Teaching Artists Inclusion in the VCA Teaching Artist Roster No Cash Award Teaching Artists Residing in VA, D.C., DE, KY, MD, NC, PA, TN, and WV
Artist Fellowship   October 1 Virginia Artists Four Fellowships (Art discipline for FY22 TBD) $3,500 No
All Final Reports 30 days after the completion of a project or by June 1  *All applicants must reside and/or be incorporated in Virginia unless otherwise noted     *GOS Short Form by invitation only