The Artist Fellowship program has closed for FY22 and will reopen in the summer of 2022 for FY23.

  • Application

  • Purpose

    To recognize the creative excellence of individual Virginia Artists and support their pursuit of artistic excellence.

  • Description

    A limited number of fellowships are available to professional creative artists living in Virginia. Funding in this category is highly competitive. Specific arts disciplines will be eligible for support each year on a rotating basis, depending upon the amount of state and federal funding available to the Commission. Artists should confirm with the Commission staff the select disciplines for each year.

  • Deadline

    Online application is due October 3, 2022, by 5 PM.

  • Discipline

    The discipline for FY23 will be announced by summer, 2022.

  • Eligible Applicants

    • Artists who are legal residents of Virginia
    • Artists who plan to remain a Virginia resident during the grant period
    • A legal resident possesses a valid Virginia driver’s license and/or pays income taxes in Virginia and/or is a registered Virginia voter
    • Artists who are 18 years of age or older
  • Amount of Assistance

    Four artists will be considered for fellowship awards of up to $5,000 each. Artists are not required to provide matching funds.

  • Criteria for Evaluating Applications

    Applications are evaluated on the following:

    • consistent quality of the artist’s work:
    • applicant’s record of professional arts activity and achievement as reflected in the resume;
    • and fellowship potential to result in significant advancement for the artist’s career.

  • Application Review/Payment Procedure

    1. Artists must complete and submit the online application by October 3, 2022 by 5 PM.
    2. Applications are reviewed by an advisory panel of professionals in the appropriate discipline. The panelists make their recommendations after group discussion. .
    3. The board of the Commission makes the final decision on all applications.
    4. Payment to the artists will be made by January 16, 2023. Fellowship awards are reported as taxable income.


For any questions about the Artist Fellowships, contact:
Casey Polczynski, Phd
Arts in Education Coordinator
Virginia Commission for the Arts