• Purpose

    Formerly Local Government Challenge Grants, Creative Communities Partnership Grants encourage local governments to support the arts.

  • Description

    The Commission will match,up to $4,500, subject to funds available, the tax monies given by independent town, city, and county governments to arts organizations. The money, which does not include school arts budgets or arts programming by parks and recreation departments, may be granted either by a local arts commission/council or directly by the governing board.

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  • Eligible Applicants

    Independent city, town, or county governments in Virginia.
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  • Eligible Activities

    Grants to independent arts organizations for arts activities in the locality. The Commission does not match payments paid to performers for specific performances. Local governments seeking such funding should apply in the Performing Arts Touring Assistance Program.
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  • W-9 Form Requirement

    All organizations applying to the Virginia Commission for the Arts are required to provide a W-9 Form. Download a W-9 form, HERE.

  • DUNS Number Requirement

    All applicants must include their DUNS number when applying for a grant. Obtaining your DUNS number is a free, straightforward process. For more information, click here.

  • Deadlines

    The online application is due on April 1, 2019 by 5:00 p.m. for local government grants awarded in 2019-2020.

    NOTE: A local government that has not approved its budget by the grant deadline may apply conditionally and confirm the application as soon as possible.
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  • Amount of Assistance

    Up to $4,500, subject to funds available. The local government match must be from local government funds; federal funds may not be included.
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  • Criteria for Evaluating Applications

    • Artistic quality of the organizations supported by the city/county/town
    • Clearly defined policies and procedures for awarding local funds to arts organizations
    • Degree of involvement of artists and arts organizations in the local process of awarding grants
    • Community impact including number of participants, duration of program, and other public and private sector involvement
    • Description of ongoing local government support for arts programs and funding

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  • Application Review/Payment Procedure

    1. Local governments submit complete application forms by the deadline.
    2. The Commission staff reviews each application for completeness and eligibility.
    3. The Commission staff makes recommendations on levels of funding for each application.
    4. The Commission board reviews the staff recommendations and takes final action on the applications in June.
    5. After confirmation of the grant award, each local government will confirm in writing to the Commission that its governing board has appropriated the matching funds and the funds from the Commission. This confirmation must take the form of the appropriate page of the local government’s approved 2019-2020 budget and/or a copy of the check (s) to the sub grantee (s). The Commission will pay the grant in full after receiving this confirmation no later than February 1, 2020.

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  • Application and Final Report Forms