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Models of Poetry Out Loud Participation

Poetry Out Loud can be implemented through different models to accommodate the needs of schools, teachers and students. Several different models are provided below to understand how Poetry Out Loud can be adapted and retain the core elements essential to program participation. Each model requires a teacher or adult to be identified as the coordinator.
  1. All English teachers at a school implement Poetry Out Loud curriculum in their classrooms during a two weeks of instruction analyzing and reciting poems from the anthology. Each classroom teacher uses the Poetry Out Loud rubric to determine a classroom winner who advances to a school-wide contest. The school-wide contest is a mix of ages and skill levels during an all school assembly with a panel of community judges.
  2. A team of teachers adopt Poetry Out Loud in their English classes. Each classroom winner advances to a school contest, held in the school library during lunch. Two teachers serve as judges.
  3. A single teacher includes Poetry Out Loud within their curriculum. The two top classroom winners advance to compete during a school or classroom activity with two teachers serving as judges to determine the school winner.
  4. A teaching artist or parent volunteer coordinates a poetry group after school through the supervision of a teacher or organizational coordinator. Students receive peer feedback. Students have a competition at school or a community organization, with two unbiased community or school judges.
  5. A homeschool family or co-op of homeschool families meets to recite poetry from the anthology. At least two competing students who meet the eligibility criteria have a competition at a local senior center and assessed by two non-biased judges (not family members).

For any questions related to participation in the official Poetry Out Loud Program contact:

Casey Polczynski
Arts in Education Coordinator
Virginia Commission for the Arts

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