• Lawyers for the Arts
    The Lawyers for the Arts Committee is dedicated to providing legal information to artists, arts organizations and nonprofit organizations throughout various regions of the state. Working in partnership with local art communities and nonprofits, we hold clinics and seminars in the Richmond, Tidewater, Northern Virginia and Charlottesville areas for artists and art organizations focusing on areas of the law in which they have a particular interest.

    Justin M. Laughter

    Threshold Counsel, PC
    Phone: 804-921-0434
    Email: justin@threshold.cc

    Nora Garcia Nickel

    Troutman Sanders LLP
    Phone: 804-697-1259
    Email: nora.nickel@troutmansanders.com

    Lisa J. Hedrick
    Committee Member

    Hirschler Fleischer PC
    Phone: 804-771-9554
    Email: lhedrick@hf-law.com