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Adrienne Clancy
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Adrienne Clancy Ph.D. is the Artistic Director and the Founder of ClancyWorks, a non-profit performance company based in Maryland.  Clancy has been choreographing professionally for the past twenty years, and has earned a reputation as the “wizard of invention,” from the Washington Post.  Her choreography has been presented across the United States and internationally in: England, Israel, Japan, Israel, Poland, Mexico and Paraguay. Her participation in international festivals include:  being the youngest choreographer to present at the Suzanne Dellal International World Dance Competition in Tel Aviv (1992); being honored as the sole student choreographer to represent the United States in the International College Dance Festival held in Kobe, Japan (1993) and then extending the tour of her work to include Tokyo and other Japanese cities; having her work toured nationally and internationally (Poland, 1999) alongside the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange. 

ClancyWorks Dance Company presents professional dance concerts, has a strong in school residency/assembly program and brings after school programming to underserved youth. The company also works in senior citizen centers and presents professional development to school districts, including classroom teachers and dance educators.

Adrienne currently is on the faculty at University of Maryland Baltimore County, and has been on the faculty of: Goucher College (04-05), George Washington University (02-03), Essex Community College (01-03), American University (09-11), and George Mason University (03-13). Adrienne was awarded the 2013 NDEO (National Dance Educators Organization) Outstanding Dance Educator Award and the 2014 Montgomery County Executives Award for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities (Education Award).  In October 2016 Dr. Clancy was invited to present a TEDxMIDATLANTIC talk on the power of the arts in education.

Educational Background/Training

Prior to directing the ClancyWorks Dance Company, Adrienne worked as company member for the following choreographers:  Bella Lewitzky, Liz Lerman, Bill Evans, Nora Reynolds-Daniel, and a Guest Artist for Jennifer Predock-Linnell, Maida Withers, and Victoria Marks.  She earned a Ph.D. and a M.F.A. in Dance from Texas Woman's University, and a M.A. in Dance from the University of New Mexico with an emphasis in Dance History & Criticism. 


$200 for a master class (a minimum of 2 teaching artists will co-lease each class). $900 for an in school assembly, $1200 for a back to back, 2 in school assemblies. Residency fees are based on the number of workshops needed for the complete residency. Please note that we work with individual schools to help seek supplemental funding for programs, when necessary.


All Grades

Educational Programs

  • For K-12 assemblies, ClancyWorks creates a program that excites students about the possibilities of dance to create community and exhibits ways that a choreographer sees moments in everyday life and turns pedestrian movement into a work of art.  Stylistically the members of ClancyWorks have a diverse movement background which is highlighted in the performance in order to cover a range of modern dance and contemporary dance movements forms including traditional modern dance, hip-hop mixed with traditional jazz and dances that include props/sets.  A specific strength of the ClancyWorks Dance Company is the use of partnering in choreography. ClancyWorks also serves special populations. Performance needs: A gymnasium is preferred; a cleared clean, level stage is also okay.

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