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Amoja Sumler


Amoja "The Mo-Man" Sumler
130 Michigan Ave NE Apt O-12
Washington DC


Formally educated in creative writing, The Mo-Man has spent over two decades touring the nation performing spoken word from poetry venues to universities.  From creation, to performance: poetry is his passion. Contemporary verseplay is the marriage of the emotive to the ideal; of art and activism distilled down to the intense, the sublime, rooted deeply in change. A student of poetry, he walks in both the world of the academe and the spoken word. As a fixture of Southern slam, he has qualified for national teams from three differing Arkansas slam communities, and has coached the Rocktown slam for the better part of a decade.

He understands the power of words and has striven to share them with my community of peers but also to continue to help shape and build the strong literary traditions of the South. Through art he's spent over a decade as an active part in the efforts to improve literacy and art culture throughout Arkansas and surrounding states, bringing an innovative, engaging, and inclusive perspective to people of all ages.

Educational Background/Training

  • Contributing author for Cogent magazine.
  • Co-found and president of the Poets in the Streets, a non-profit literacy organization based in Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Rocktown Slam Master
  • Ronald E. McNair Scholar
  • William J. Cooper Honors in English Scholar
  • Watering Hole Graduate Fellow
  • Lectured for 2014 Long Beach Digital Pedagogy Conference
  • Panelist for 2014 Furious Flower Poetry Conference
  • Member of the:
    • Arkansas Arts Council Arts in Education artist roster
    • Virginia Arts Council Arts in Education artist roster
    • Split This Rock Educating Artist
    • Mid-America Arts Alliance
    • Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities Roster (APCA)
  • 2006 21st Century Community Learning Centers creative writing workshop coordinator (Eureka Springs)
  • 2011 DREAM creative writing workshop coordinator
  • Arkansas Arts Council Arts in Education liaison for summer in-service "train the trainer" sessions
  • 2007 Arkansas Literary Festival volunteer
  • Featured artist at the 2011 Arkansas Literary Festival "Pub or Perish"
  • Featured artist at the 2012 Arkansas Literary Festival "Pub or Perish"
  • Featured artist at the 2013 Arkansas Literary Festival "Pub or Perish"
  • Featured artist for the New Orleans “Write On” Festival
  • Featured artist for New Orleans Literacy and Arts Festival
  • Feature artist for Arkansas Arts Centers 2012 Ekphrastic Slam
  • Headlining poet for the 2011 Rock The Republic
  • Headlining poet for the 2012 Pen Strokes poetry festival
  • Headlining poet for the 2012 Write Nola poetry festival
  • Headlined the national Black Manes spoken word tour
  • Headlining poet for the 2015 Bridgewater International Poetry Festival
  • Arkansas Poetry Out Loud  judge for 2006, 2008, & 2012
  • Storm poet at the 2005 National Poetry Slam in Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • 2006 Arkansas Grand Slam haiku slam champion
  • Indie poet at the 2006 Southern Fried Poetry Slam in Birmingham, Alabama
  • Team captain for the:
    • Baton Rouge team at the 2007 Southern Fried Poetry Slam
    • Arkansas team at the 2007 National Poetry Slam
    • Rocktown Slam at the 2008 Southern Fried Poetry Slam in Tallahassee, Florida
    • Rocktown Slam at the 2009 Southern Fried Poetry Slam in Durham, North Carolina
    • Rocktown Slam at the 2010 Southern Fried Poetry Slam Knoxville, Tennessee
    • Rocktown Slam at the 2011 Southern Fried Poetry Slam Atlanta, Georgia
    • Rocktown Slam at the 2012 Southwest Shootout Tulsa, Oklahoma
    • Rocktown Slam at the 2013 National Poetry Slam Charlotte, North Carolina


Negotiable (around $500 a day).


Recommended audience is from 5th to 12th grade.

Educational Programs

  • TBA

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