Curtis Mailloux Blues

Curtis Mailloux


Curtis “Mr. Blues” Mailloux
3709 Rolling Hills Ave
Alexandria,VA 22309


Voted Blues Artist of the Year for D.C., MD, and VA, Curtis is a multi-intrumentalist and teaching artist. He received training in using music for arts integrated teaching from the Teaching Artist Institute in MD, the Wolf Trap Education Center in VA and has participated in training programs for teaching artist's professional development at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

CNN credited Curtis with keeping the blues alive for today's audiences in their show about his work called, Jobs That Last.

All of Curtis' shows include him bringing fascinating instruments into the audience for a close-up, interactive musical experience. He performs as a one man band playing bass and snare drums with his feet, guitar and harmonica at the same time, for a full band sound.


  • Educational Assembly Program Fees: $550, $695 back to back assemblies
  • 3-Day Residency Fees: $1,500
  • 5-Day Residency Fees: $2,400
  • Barrel House Blues Concert: $795, This show is for adults and mixed age groups on weekends and evenings.


All the assembly programs and residencies can be adapted for pre-k through grade 12. Shows and residencies can include specific curriculum interests requested by the school.

Concerts are for mixed-ages including adults.

Educational Assembly Programs

The Multicultural Roots and Rhythms of Rock and Rap
This program brings American musical history to life. Curtis performs with musical instruments from all over the world and from the history of American music. Students learn where popular contemporary musical styles came from, and how they evolved in the American musical melting pot. (grades pre-k through 12)

Songwriting From the Heart: Banishing the Boring Writing Blues
This music-filled assembly invites students to draw inferences and conclusions from the lyrics of great American Blues songs. By illustrating how the great songwriters made their writing compelling, Curtis shows students at each grade level how to make their own writing richer in sensory detail and figurative language. (grades 3 through 12)

Up-cycling: Turning Junk into Musical Instruments From Africa to America
This interactive program challenges students to think about how using recycled materials to make folk instruments is similar in Africa, South and North America. Using the STEM engineering design model as a guide, Curtis discusses and performs on a wide variety of instruments made out of gourds as well as “up-cycled” re-purposed materials.
(grades pre-K through 12)

3-Day or 5-Day Residencies:

  • You Can Write a Blues Song:Using Songwriting to Unleash Students' Creative Language Skills

  • Exploring Math and Music and STEM by Making a One String Guitar(materials fees apply)

  • Up-cycled Instrument Building for Environmental Awareness
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