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Latin Ballet of Virginia


Latin Ballet of Virginia
2880 Mountain Road
Glen Allen, VA 23060
(804) 356-3876

Educational Training

Ana Ines King, Artistic Director
B.A. Dance & Choreography, Instituto Departmental de Bellas Artes (Colombia, South America)
Special training and study; Academia Departmental (Colombia), Adagio Jazz Ballet (Venezuela), Teatro de Arte Dramatico
(Colombia), Flamenco and Spanish dance technique (Jerez, Spain)

LaWanda Raines, Educational Programs Assistant and Artistic Associate
B.A. Dance & Choreography, Virginia Commonwealth University

Latin Ballet Company:
From the passionate fury of flamenco to tango’s forbidden heat, the polished elegance of classical ballet to the earthen power of modern dance, the Latin Ballet uses the expressive beauty of movement to weave the tales and traditions that are the heart and soul of Hispanic culture. The Latin Ballet combines technical excellence with a soulful depth of emotion and an unwavering commitment to education, diversity, and accessibility.


Lecture Demonstration: From $1,500 - $3,000 (Depending on the quantity of artists involved)

Workshop: $100-$200 per class (Depending on the number of students and instructors involved)

Residency: $300 - $400 per day (Depending of number of workshops, students and instructors involved)

*Fees are negotiable depending upon the size and scope of the service, the number of artists, live/recorded music and the needs and budget of the presenter of the presenter. Fees do not include accommodation expenses.


Elementary School (1-5), Middle School, High School

Educational Programs

  • Be Proud of Yourself Educational Program
  • Spanish through Dance, Hispanic language/culture.
  • Dance/Music as Therapy, for special-needs children
  • English as a Second Language through Dance, assimilating international children/families.
  • EveryBody Reads! literacy program.
  • Amor Para Mi, promoting self-love and confidence.
  • Jardin VERDE, Promoting love and respect for our planet.

All programs meet SOL standards.

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