Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell Theatre & Performance Art; Playwriting; Cross-disciplinary


Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell
Photo credit: Ézé Amos

Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell
Charlottesville, VA 22902


Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell is a theatre & performance artist, and a playwright. Her work is often site-specific, highly collaborative, and cross-disciplinary. Many of her pieces integrate special populations, making “containers” for others to share themselves and their stories. Jennifer has frequently been brought in by schools and colleges for workshops and residencies to introduce concepts and practice of performance art and collaboratively-devised theater. With her theatre company, PEP, she has taught physical theatre techniques to students of all ages in order to generate works of original theatre. She is passionate about helping students cross borders between artistic genres and realms of scholastic inquiry.

She recently completed commissions from the University of Virginia, Piedmont Virginia Community College, and Victory Hall Opera to create new performance art installations and a play.

Educational Background/Training

Jennifer has an undergraduate degree in English Literature from UVA and an MFA in Playwriting from Hollins University. She completed 2 years in Northwestern University’s theatre program and trained at the Neighborhood Playhouse in NYC.




K-12, State Community Colleges, nonprofits



Educational Programs


As a cross-disciplinary performance artist, Jennifer works with educators to develop customized workshops and residencies that integrate the tools of collaboration, theatre, and writing with classroom curricula.

In addition, here are some sample workshops she offers to middle school, high school, and community college students as a complement to their classroom theatre, language arts, and studio art curricula:

Group Playmaking aka Devised Theatre
Did you know you can make a wildly original play without starting with a script? Commonly called “devised theatre,” this theatre form is a way of collectively authoring a new play using the input and contributions of all participants. These contributions can be in the form of written text, myths, physical choreography, research, props, music, and much more. We will explore a subset of these methods and also have an introduction to physical theatre which is often used to generate material for original plays.

You Have What it Takes to Be a Performance Artist
What the heck IS performance art? Is it visual art? Theatre? Social Experiment? Performance art is expansive and seems to defy easy definition, and yet it’s the biggest movement in the art world in the last 100 years. In this introductory workshop, we will first take a video voyage through the history of the form and then recreate some iconic pieces. The workshop will culminate in the group creating an original site-specific (and possibly public) performance art piece.

Write a Brand New Play All in One Day!
This workshop is an introduction to the art and craft of playwriting. We will read one short masterpiece of theatre together out loud, and follow with a facilitated discussion of its narrative and story structure, ideas and motifs, and its special world. You will be guided through several warm-up writing exercises and then we will all write very short plays and take turns reading them out loud.

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