Priti Gosar-Patil Indian Dance

Ryan Gothrup


2629 Gayton Grove Road
Richmond, VA 23233


Ms. Priti Gosar-Patil studied the fine art of “Bharatanatyam” in India as a child, and has continued training in RVA since 1999, presenting her debut recital in November 2006 under the guidance of her Guru, Mrs. Uma Chetty (Director, Apsaras Arts Dance Group). She has been teaching Bharatanatyam with Apsaras Arts Dance Group since 2005, and she has brought many of her students to debut performance level, successfully planning and presenting these dance performances.

Since 2007, Priti has presented numerous performances and school assemblies through Young Audiences of Virginia. Additionally, she has received advanced residential training from Mrs. Shanta & Mr. V.P. Dhananjayan and Mrs. Rama Bharadwaj from India and attended workshops by renowned visiting artists and scholars from India like Mrs. Leela Samson, Dr. Sucheta Bhide-Chapekar, Mr. Parimal Phadke and Ms. Gayathri Krishnaveni.

Not only has Priti has taught master classes for the dance students at VCU and the Center for Performing Arts at Henrico High School, but she has also successfully conceived, lead and executed various collaborative programs. Such collaborations include VMFA, Gamelan Raga Kusuma, University of Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), school of World Studies, and other schools of dance and music.

Priti has also successfully used this dance form as a medium of instruction for World Religions classes, and has presented a comparative study of Christianity and this dance form as a spiritual art with collaboration of world religion professor Late Mr. Dan Smith, who taught at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). Priti has also choreographed various items to represent Jain prayer songs and Marathi 'abhang's, and she conducted a "Storytelling with the Vocabulary of Hand Gestures" workshop in "Spirituality & Arts" conference at VCU in April 2015. Priti has been regularly bringing her students to perform in the "Generation Dream Youth Educoncert" organized by Richmond Peace Education Center.

Educational Background/Training

  • Learned the fine art of “Bharata Natyam” in India during her teen age.
  • Continued training in Richmond, Virginia from Mrs. Uma Chetty, Apsaras Arts Dance Group since 1999
  • Teaching Bharata Natyam with Apsaras Arts Dance Group since 2005
  • Presented a debut Dance Recital in Richmond, VA in November 2006
  • Presented numerous performances and school assemblies through Young Audiences of Virginia since 2007
  • Workshops from renowned visiting artists & scholars from India like Mrs. Leela Samson, Dr. Sucheta Bhide-Chapekar, & Mr. Parimal Phadke
  • Residential training from Mrs. Shanta and Mr. V. P. Dhananjayan from India in 2010, 2013 and 2015.
  • Advanced training from Mrs. Rama Bharadwaj at Chinmaya Naada Bindu in 2015.


$350 - $450 per day
$200 - $300 Lecture Demonstration/Workshops
$300 – $400 School Assembly Performances
* Travel, accommodations or per diem not included.


School (K-12), University, Continuing Education
Also taught classes at Osher Institute in University of Richmond.

Educational Programs

Objective: To enrich the fabric of American culture by sharing the passion and love for the all-encompassing performing art of ‘Bharata Natyam’ and to create awareness and appreciate of global unity and diversity through the medium of dance.

Student Workshop: Dance workshops and classes offer a fun and challenging way to explore integrative movement inspired by the roots of India and education from the finest Indian institutions. They can be adapted to the needs of either an experienced group of dancers or to those new to dancing. Its outline can be adapted to fulfill the school’s goals and objectives. Some concepts for workshop are Indian Culture and Heritage; Aspects of Indian Classical Dance, “Bharata Natyam” through rhythm styles/steps, Mime using hand gestures and facial expressions; and Exploring Bharata Natyam in depth: Learning an age appropriate item or two.

Core Group Workshop: Core groups will benefit from special workshops that reinforce and expand the history and arts instruction provided by teachers. Following aspects can be covered in the core-group workshops: overview of India and its cultural heritage from an authentic source, elements and principles of Indian classical dance, and understanding the performance and production aspects of another dance style. I could also conduct multidisciplinary workshops like Indian Philosophy and Art, How do... Sculptures come alive etc.

Teacher Workshop: Teacher workshops include several topics and are adjusted to the topic of the students’ residency program. Workshops conducted to date are: Overview of India through music, folk dance and cultural heritage; Classical dance styles of India – Identification and Appreciation; Bharata Natyam: rhythmic movement, expressions and dramatic sequence; History and Spiritual aspects of Bharata Natyam; and finally Bharata Natyam and Spirituality.

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