Sally Adams ,Theatre: playwriting, improvisational theatre, Shakespeare


Sally Adams
3417 Stratford Street
Colonial Beach, Virginia, 22443

Educational Background/Training:

  • University of Oklahoma 1983
    Cum Laude, Panhellenic top 1%, Student Film Makers, Graduate Chorus, Shakespeare Society
  • Oklahoma Quartz Mountain 1990
    Playwriting Program
  • NY Masters School 2012
    Teach for Experience


Sally Adams is a professional theatre director and one of the founding members of the improvisational comedy group, The Spontaniacs! Ms. Adams teaches improvisation technique and has worked with thousands of students and workshop participants using laughter and the rules of improv. Ms. Adams won the first Collins Award for outstanding Middle School teaching at Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Holland Hall Preparatory School in 2014 and remains the only arts teacher to have been recognized for the award. She created an all-school Shakespeare festival that now includes students in grades 4-12. Ms. Adams is a five-year veteran with the nationally recognized Leadership Oklahoma program working as an arts facilitator. In that role, she met with business leaders from across the state raising awareness of the value of arts education. Ms. Adams won all-state acting awards, earned a place with Tulsa Opera’s Rising Artists program, directed over 60 professional & community theatre productions, and taught in both public and private schools for over 30 years. Her original plays have been performed on the 50-foot proscenium of Tulsa’s Walter Arts Center Stage as well as auditoriums throughout the state. Ms. Adams’ podcast, SallyPAL, has thousands of downloads and over 29 episodes in which she explores creating original work for a live audience.


  • $250 per day
  • $45 per hour
  • $400 for 2-day workshops


K-12, University, Continuing Education, Adult, Alternative Schools, Seniors


  • Monday-Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday

Educational Program Description:

Improv Everybody!
When people have trouble communicating, it can create a challenging work or learning environment. Improv Everybody! is a fun way to connect, learn to listen, and bring a sense of fun to problem-solving. Participants can expect to spend time moving throughout the workshop. Improv Everybody! is designed for improvisation beginners and adapted for early learners (K-4) as well as cultural elders (65+). Middle, High School, and college students pick up bonus tips in reading an audience and developing a sense for appropriate and respectful humor. Units can be divided into 50-100 minute sessions as well as ½ and full day workshops.

Collaborate with Confidence (all ages)
Developing a narrative in a group can be challenging at any age. Five stand-alone units, Collaborate with Confidence, use brainstorming techniques, game playing, and group interaction skills to develop an Aristotelean narrative that can be transformed into a script, and even a theatrical performance. Participants have the chance to think critically, collaborate, and move their bodies as they develop ideas. Each unit matures leaders into listeners and encourages reluctant participants to contribute ideas. Units are broken up into 40-50 minute sessions and can include group reflection.

Shakespeare’s English (grades 8-12 and undergraduate students)
Teaching Shakespeare is a challenge when students don’t see the relevance of the Bard. The unit, Shakespeare’s English, uses audio files, text work, critical thinking, and movement to bring Shakespeare’s English alive. Students will see the relevance when they learn words like “eyeball” and “belch” come from a single source. Lessons are age appropriate. Units can be divided into 50-100 minute sessions and can include group reflection.

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