Sukenya Best Painting (Watercolor), Printmaking, Drawing


Sukenya Best
Richmond, VA 23225


Sukenya Best is a native New Yorker who moved to Richmond over 10 years ago. She is an alumnus from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), Department of Painting and Printmaking, having received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2001. During her studies at VCU she studied abroad in Europe and Africa. In 2007, she received a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK). There she studied in the Printmaking Program (ranked #3 nationally).

Internationally, Sukenya's artwork is in the collection of New Delhi, and Gujarat India. In the states, exhibitions have taken place at the Community Artist’s Collective (Texas), Museum of Science & Industry (Chicago), Pen & Brush Inc. (New York), Pittsburgh Center for the Arts (Pennsylvania), Kansas City Art Institute (Missouri), Corcoran School of Arts (Washington DC) and the Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen (Virginia). In the summer of 2010 she was recognized as an exhibitor/performer for Virginia's "Women in the Arts Celebration."

Sukenya has worked in multiple areas with professional artists such as: Whitfield Lovell, Millicent Johnnie, Roger Shimomura, John Newman, Beauvais Lyons, and Anita Jung. In the past she taught children’s art at the summer day camp for the Latin Ballet of Virginia, and was a project leader for Art180’s afterschool program. Before graduate school she was also an art specialist for Richmond’s Department of Parks, Recreation, and Community Facilities’ afterschool program.

Currently Sukenya is a Fine Arts Instructor at Virginia Union University, where she teaches visual art courses. Inspired by a college tour-abroad trip to Italy and France she has published a cartoon book called Chocolate Bella. This one-of-a kind book appropriate for all ages, is available for purchase through Lulu, Barnes & Noble and Amazon..

Educational Background/Training

MFA from The University of Tennessee in Knoxville, concentration Studio Art: Printmaking
BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University, concentration Painting & Printmaking


Hourly residency fee $100.00 not including materials
Daily residency fees:
*based on 3-4 hours of teaching $350.00
*based on 6-8 hours of teaching $750.00
Travel and accommodations are not included.


Middle school (5th-8th grade & ages 11-14) -Highschool (9th-12th grade & ages 15-18)
Community Center, Cultural Art Centers, Public or Private Schools, Health Care or Social Service Setting.


Fall and Spring: Fridays & Saturdays
Summer: Week days & Saturdays

Educational Programs

Watercolor presents a unique challenge, one that focuses on guiding the water and not merely controlling it. In this residency, students will learn the characteristics of watercolor and how to manipulate it with a paint brush. In these lessons students are captivated by innovative ways to paint using everyday materials like salt, sponges, straws, toothbrushes, and crayons. Collaboration is done between the artist and teacher to design a residency that addresses the needs and ideas of the group. As a result, an overall theme is established before or during the session. Every participant will be encouraged to creatively express themselves while making personal and meaningful connections to the techniques. To provide inspiration, the artist will share pictorial examples by famous watercolor artists as well as her own. The initial session will transition between an introductory demonstration, collaborative demonstration, and individual creative stations. The ultimate goal will be for each student to complete one watercolor painting; this will be achieved after creating a few on practice sheets. There is also an opportunity for students to create one large group painting. At the end of the project students will present their paintings to the entire group in which they can verbally express new vocabulary, techniques, and meaning behind their work. Two or more sessions would be recommended to allow drying time, but the amount of sessions needed will be based on the groups’ age/grade, painting experience, size of the project, and exhibition preparation. All levels of art experience are welcomed; if necessary there can be additional sessions on drawing and color theory.


Additional Information