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Contact Name: Tori Bertocci
2155 Crystal Plaza
Arcade T-19
Arlington, VA 22202
Phone Number: 703-824-8060 ext 102


For over 10 years now Synetic Education and Outreach has shared the methods of physical theatre and ensemble creation across the DC, Maryland and Virginia regions. Our experienced teaching artists come from all over the world and are award winning professional actors, dancers, directors and choreographers whose work can be seen on stage, television, and independent/major feature films. 

Tori is the Education and Outreach Manager for Synetic Theater. She has been a Teaching Artist with Synetic since 2012.  At Synetic’s Studio, she teaches numerous elementary, middle school, teen, and adult acting, fitness, and movement classes.  As a lead teaching artist with Synetic Theater, Tori facilitates residencies and workshops across the region.

Educational Background/Training

Teaching Artist Institute: Creating Arts Integrated Curriculum
Teaching Artist Institute: Designing Arts Integrated Professional Development

Inclusive Allies Program with Maryland Disability Law Center and Young Audiences of Maryland

RAMAPO Training: 




Residencies: Anywhere from $1500-$3000 depending on the duration of the residency

Assemblies: $500 for 1/$900 for back to back; plus mileage

Professional Development: Workshop Cost per Day: $500 plus mileage for 90 minutes, $815 plus mileage for the entire day


School (K-12), University, Continuing Education
Also taught classes at Osher Institute in University of Richmond.

Educational Programs


Bringing Your Studies to Life (K-12) In this theater residency, multicultural studies come to life as Synetic actors help students tackle and explore a subject by creating a theatre scene about it. Students use the fundamentals of theatre: movement, simple classroom props, and their own imaginations to bring their studies to life!

Fables in Movement: (K-6) In this theater residency, students explore the three elements of Synetic Theater’s style of physical theatre: movement, acting, and pantomime. Following a workshop in each discipline, students will work in groups to choreograph selected fables.

Leap Into Imagination: (K-12) Students explore the signature movement style of Synetic Theater in a versatile custom designed theater residency that suits your students’ learning. Synetic offers a unique and cross-cultural type of theater that incorporates dance, body awareness, storytelling, music and mime. At the end of the residency students come away with a presentation that exemplifies the discipline, dedication, body control and creativity they have gained through the project that stays with them throughout their lives.


The Music Box: (K-6) A wonderful collection of physical comedy short stories set to music: an old movie style (Charlie Chaplinesque) boat ride that turns into an outrageous stormy trip, two cowboys in the wild west taming a bull on the loose, two road workers trying to catch a butterfly in an attempt to capture the heart of a girl, and the classic invisible wall. Students are introduced to the art of storytelling without words through pantomime, imagination, illusions, and physical comedy in this theater assembly.

The Miraculous Magical Balloon: (K-8) A series of hilarious pantomime sketches incorporates music, ballet, clowning, and audience participation in this theater assembly. Students will discover the art of acting without words, opening the door to their imaginations. Expressed through body and facial masks, pantomime illusions, and unique choreography, ‘Balloon’ tells a wonderful story of a traveling actor and his magical trunk of tricks and toys.

Professional Development:

Moving Through Shakespeare: Moving Through Shakespeare offers educators a “No Fear” approach to Shakespeare’s plays through Physical Theatre. Physical Theatre provides students with a kinesthetic approach to learning. It allows students to move through curriculum and digest the content into their muscle memory. From this workshop, you will be able to guide your students to discover emotions within the Shakespearean language, become invested in the characters, and challenge each other to discover creative ways to connect to and understand the story.

Physical Theatre: Moving Through Curriculum- Physical Theatre: Moving Through Curriculum introduces educators to various theatrical methods including viewpoints and staging to approach creative thinking, conflict identification, and resolution creation (“somebody wants but so”). Educators explore how to identify and physicalize character traits, points of view, and story structure through utilizing the fundamental elements of physical theatre: imagination, body, emotion, and focus.The tools of this workshop aid any language arts curriculum and require students to exercise minds and bodies through kinesthetic learning.


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