Theresa Niermeyer Dance (Modern, Afro-Modern, Improvisation and Composition, Descriptive writing for Dance, Dance in Global Contexts)


Theresa Niermyer

Theresa Niermeyer
Richmond, VA 23220
Cell: (804)274-0088


Theresa Niermeyer is a native of Virginia, and earned her BFA in Dance from The Ohio State University. In 2012, she traveled to Burkina Faso, West Africa, with the Baker- Tarapaga Dance Project to perform in the Nomad Express Festival held in Ouagadougou. Inspired by her first trip to the African continent, she returned four times to train, collaborate and teach with dancers in Burkina Faso, Zambia, and South Africa. Theresa has had the honor to dance and train with international artists such as Maxewell Rani, Jimmy Ortiz, Irene Tassambedo, Bebe Miller and Abby Zbikowski. In 2014, she wrote and taught a curriculum titled “Dance in Global Contexts” at Fort Hayes High School in Columbus, Ohio for which she was awarded the Marian Wright Edleman Award at Ohio State’s Civic Engagement Banquet for “service and dedication in the field of education.” After spending some time travelling, collaborating and teaching in Ohio, Virginia, New York and Cape Town, South Africa, she is thrilled to be back at in her hometown as the Lead Dance Teacher at Henrico High School, Center for the Arts. She is dedicated to sharing her love of dance with her students and the community. In addition to teaching, Theresa has also collaborated on projects with local actors and musicians. Most notably, she choreographed the “Short Court Style” Music Video for singer- songwriter Natalie Prass in 2018.

Educational Background/Training

BFA in Dance from The Ohio State University
Virginia Teaching Licensure


Negotiable depending on location, task, and population
Can do workshop residencies or set choreography on students


Middle School
High School
Young Adults


Evenings and Weekends September- May
June- August Open Availability

Educational Programs

  • My projects aim to show the ways in which studying the elements of dance (Time, Space, Energy and Quality) within diverse cultural contexts can guide students toward becoming socially conscious and informed global citizens. Students will use these four elements to assess various choices about relationships, style, aesthetic, and tone. Students will learn to intertwine areas of physical practice, creative exploration, and thoughtful inquiry that will aid them in becoming socially conscious and informed global artists. Through dialogue and guided improvisation, students will generate movement phrases and collaborate with their peers to choreograph pieces.
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