Troy WingardPortraiture, Sidewalk Chalk Drawing, and Public Art


Troy Wingard
Sterling, VA 20164
(571) 235-8791


Troy has dedicated much of his career to creating art and sharing what he has personally discovered about its development and promotion. His figurative pastel works, public mural projects, and sidewalk chalk drawings explore questions centering on identity, culture, and individualism within a modern context. Troy's commitment to art education is demonstrated through his 16-years of experience as a university art instructor, as well as serving as a professional artist with the South Carolina Art Commission's Art in Education program.

Troy's works have been featured in numerous solo exhibitions at educational institutions throughout the United States, such as Duke University, Grambling State University, the University of South Carolina-Aiken, The University of Mobil, and Coastal Carolina University, to name a few. His works have frequently been exhibited internationally, including invitational and solo exhibitions in Havana, Cuba; Budapest, Hungary; Camagüey, Cuba, and Tel Aviv, Israel.

Troy was also the featured artist in the nationally syndicated magazine, The Pastel Journal, and his work has been showcased in two separate editions of New American Paintings.

Educational Background/Training

  • M.F.A. (Painting & Drawing) – University of Georgia
  • B.F.A. (Graphic Design) – Savannah College of Art and Design
  • Certificate (Arts Management) – University of Massachusetts Amherst


$400 instructional fee per day

  • Travel and accommodation expenses to be determined by location.
  • Materials not included
  • Figure model not included


  • Public & Private Schools (Grades 5 - 12)
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Cultural Art Centers
  • Social Service Organizations
  • Community Centers


Sidewalk Chalk Drawing Program (late spring - early fall)
Portraiture Program (year-round)

Educational Programs

As an approved teaching artist with the Art in Education program with the Virginia Commission of the Arts, Troy Wingard offers two unique types of art education programs designed to introduce participants to the special art forms that he has explored professionally for over thirty years.

Troy also understands the importance of flexibility within his instruction and programs; especially since no institution, organization, or school have the exact same needs. He encourages teachers and organizers to discuss with him any unique ideas or special requests they may have to meet their specific educational outcomes or programming goals.

Sidewalk Chalk Drawing Program
This exciting program will expose participants to the history, methods, and techniques of creating temporary displays of public art using sidewalk chalk.
This interdisciplinary-focused program addresses specific areas of art history, contemporary art, math, design, and analysis through the following three components:

Lecture Component:

  • A brief history of public art (Art History)
  • Examples of contemporary sidewalk artists and their work(Contemporary Art)
  • Introduction to proportional and anamorphic grids (Math/Design)
Hands-On Component:
  • Outside demonstration of chalk drawing materials and techniques Math/Design)
  • Individual chalk drawing by participants (Design)
Discussion Component:
  • Final critique and assessment of participants' chalk drawings (Analysis)

PLEASE NOTE - This program will require an outside drawing area of smooth concrete, such as a sidewalk or courtyard, to conduct this workshop/residency. As a rule of thumb, teachers and organizers should approximate a 4ft by 4ft drawing area for each participant. Because the outdoor conditions for sidewalk chalk drawing must be dry, it is highly recommended that a covered area of concrete be selected that is shielded from possible inclement weather. The program instructor is not responsible for rained-out sessions.

Portraiture Program
This informative program will introduce participants to creative instruction and techniques into creating realistic portraits, learning specific facial anatomy using simple mediums, such as charcoal, conte crayon, and graphite. Participants are exposed to specific interdisciplinary areas of art history, contemporary art, science, math, design, and analysis through the following three learning components:

Lecture Component:

  • A brief history of portraiture through the ages (Art History)
  • Examples of contemporary portraiture (Contemporary Art)
  • Facial anatomy terminology (Science)

Hands-On/Demonstration Component:

  • Proportional drawing methods and techniques (Math/Design)
  • Portrait drawing demonstration (Design)
  • Individual portrait drawing by participants (Design)

Discussion Component:

  • Final critique and assessment of participants' portraits (Analysis)

PLEASE NOTE - It is highly recommended that teachers and organizers arrange for a person to serve as a dedicated figure model during the facial anatomy and demonstration components of this program.

Additional Information