To invest in the arts in the Commonwealth by supporting, celebrating, and promoting artistic and cultural equity, in an innovative and creative environment to benefit all Virginians.


A creative culture in which equitable access to arts engagement and learning are fundamental to the lives of all Virginians.


  • The arts provide unique opportunities for individual creativity and expression.
  • The arts should be accessible to every citizen of the Commonwealth of Virginia, whether as a creative worker, patron or student.
  • The arts inspire ideas, imagination and vision, and help us see our world in new and different ways.
  • The arts heighten and enhance learning and personal growth; they stir and awaken memories, emotions and aspirations.
  • The arts provide insight, empathy and understanding of diverse people, customs and expressions that bridge differences and make a coherent whole out of many disparate parts.
  • The arts communicate in real-time, and across generations.
  • The arts intensify the experience of life and the conditions that encourage and stimulate discovery, invention and innovation.
  • The arts provide the building blocks for a healthy and vital 21st Century creative culture in Virginia.

Strategic Plan

Statement on Cultural Equity

In 2018, the Commission Board adopted the agency’s first-ever Statement on Cultural Equity, and that same year, created an IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access) Committee of the Board.

To support a full creative life for all, the Virginia Commission for the Arts commits to championing policies and practices of cultural equity that foster a just, inclusive, and equitable Commonwealth.

Click here to view the full document and working definitions.

In the year ahead, the Commission is working to develop IDEA-related policy and increasingly apply to agency practices, grant-making and other programmatic endeavors. We will also increase efforts to provide meaningful professional development to expand knowledge and understanding of these principles, and share best practices.