Carla J. Jaranson Asian Brush Painting


Carla J. Jaranson
5815 Fitzhugh Street
Burke, VA 22015


Her study of Chinese brush painting began in 1978 under Pearl Chang and later Ming Friedman, Prof I-Hsiung Ju, Betzi Robinson and calligrapher John Shun-Chieh Wang. She has taken many workshops with master artists across the US and in China.

In 1983 she joined the Sumi-e Society of America and has volunteered in many roles both locally and nationally and is currently serving her fifth term as President.

She has taught art to children and adults for over 40 years. She has shared her love of East Asian brush painting since 1996 by teaching workshops for art teachers in Virginia and web mastering the SSA website -

She was awarded the 2008 Elementary Art Teacher of the Year by the Virginia Art Education Association and served on the state VAEA Board for ten years. She continues to attend the VAEA annual conferences and offers her Asian Brush Painting Workshop to art teachers each year.

As an adjunct professor with George Mason University for two years, she supervised pre-service teachers in Art Education.

Educational Background/Training

MIS in Painting and Computer Art – Virginia Commonwealth University
BS in Art Education – Madison College (JMU)
Art Educator in Fairfax County Public Schools – 26 years

Training: Asian Brush painting classes – Life-long learner for 40 years and art educator for 25 years


Hourly fee is $35 per hour per class of up to 25 students not including supplies.
Daily fee for a six hour day of teaching is $200.

Residency – is negotiable depending on location, travel time, supplies, lodging (provided/paid by client)

The classroom teacher must remain in the room to maintain order and help with supplies.

Each student needs a flat smooth surface at least 18” x 24” for painting. Ink, brushes and some paper
and visuals are provided. Older students will experience ink sticks and ink stones to experience the
ancient tradition of grinding ink. For a short session, the classroom teacher might lead the finishing,
mounting and display of the projects after students finish painting with Mrs. Jaranson.


She can teach lessons for K-12 and adults.
She has some experience with autistic, gifted and special needs students.


Schedule is flexible depending on prior commitments. Can drive to most locations except area 1 in Virginia in four hours or less depending on traffic.

Educational Programs

Students will learn about and practice the ancient traditions of “Ink Painting” from China and Japan led by award winning artist and teacher Carla Jaranson, who has shared her love of Sumi-e with thousands of students from kindergarten to adults over more than 35 years.  Students will experience the “Magic of the Brush” while learning about East Asian Brush Painting…the beauty of the natural world expressed in simple brush strokes that capture the Chi’ or Spirit of animals and plants.   Younger students can learn to paint pandas, birds, monkeys, crickets in the grass, butterflies, flowers, pine branches and trees. Older students can learn traditional Chinese or Japanese landscape, bamboo and calligraphy as well. Projects for younger students can always be adjusted to engage older students.

Mrs. Jaranson revels in the challenge of designing new lessons. In early 2017 she instructed sixth and seventh graders how to paint roosters to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Rooster. She prefers to teach students using newsprint instead of rice paper because the newsprint is easier to control, reacts to the ink in a similar way to rice paper and is much less expensive. She believes that every student should have at least one piece of art mounted in an Asian format and displayed at the end of the lesson. During an extended time frame, students can design their own seals (printing blocks) and signatures for finishing their artwork. The students’ favorite paintings can be mounted for display in a mini art show on the last day of class during a multi-day residency or workshop.

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